Friday, August 3, 2012

All Day I've been Nostalgic...

All day long I have found myself thinking back to my younger days. Not that I am old enough to be reclaiming old glory days, but I have done a lot of things in the life that I have been given. Today was a day of music. I put in my favorite local band, Cinder (or Soapy Tuna, to the locals), and sang along to the stereo feeling every lyric that was sung by Roger Young, the lead singer. You can check them out at or "like" their facebook page at!/pages/SOAPY-TUNA/268874418297 If you are in the area, you should definitely go see them!

 The band and the music got me thinking of how to incorporate my favorite nostaligia into a blog...or into my products. I thought at length about making a soap to commemorate the band and the time that I spent listening to them in the local beach bars to get through some difficult times. Then I realized that the band's favorite smell would probably be black licorice because of their affinity for Jagermeister. I decided that black licorice would not be the best smelling soap or candle, and voted against my idea. Intead, I created a basket full of goodies that are inspired by sights and smells from my childhood. I am calling it the Fall Harvest Basket.

The fall harvest basket contains an 8 ounce Cranberry Sugar Scrub, a 4 ounce Cranberry & Spiced Pear scented Avocado Cucumber Soap, and a 4 ounce Apple Pie scented Shea Butter Soap. Take a look!

I also realized that I have lost touch with my younger me. I used to sing, and I loved to sing. I used to write poetry and keep legacy books. So, I resolve to sing and write. I have also decided to start a poetry blog for the oodles of poetry that I have written in the past and the oodles of poetry that I hope to write in the future. You can look for me under my pen name, Nautica Mourey. My work has been published in several tabletop anthologies. It is only right to want to collaborate my youth with my current self, right? Or, maybe I am just a busy body and have to create things for myself to do! =) In any event....the poetry blog can be found at

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