Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jump Started Motivation

So this past weekend I got a happy start of motivation and got 8 of my 12 candles done! Yay! So even though I am a little behind, I am still moving right along. Soon my shop will be full of fall goodies!

For now, I am attempting to expand to new horizons. I have opened a shop on Zibbet. So you can find me there. I am also auctioning on Tophatter, which is fun, but very difficult to crack. I just posted a few soaps on Ebay as well. I also opened up the floor to do online parties with BWS products. Exciting!

I'm spreading myself a little bit thin these days, but keeping myself blissfully busy. I am blogging for Bella's BNS team blog about social media sites. I am conducting shop critiques for the FEST team every Sunday. I started a personal blog that focuses on the married 30 something perspective of Sex and the City topics which will be up tomorrow. Fun!

What is going on at the Wright household?

Nothing much really! My hubby and I are waiting for my stepdaughter to return next week to start the new school year. 7th grade. Crazy where the time goes! My hubby and I typically inhabit different floors of my house. He overwhelms the living room with sounds of Halo or Family Guy, and I grace the master bedroom with the sounds of typing furiously and episodes of Fraiser or Prison Break. Right now, it is prison break.

What does a typical night at your house look like?

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