Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Oh, E. O., It's Wednesday! (Lemongrass Essential Oil)

Introducing another new series on the Black Willow Soap blog: Oh, E. O., It's Wednesday. A blog dedicated to the benefits of essential oils. Today, I am going to talk about Lemongrass essential oil. While it is kind of an acquired fragrance for some, it is clean, light and can really wake you up in the morning (if you know what I mean).

Lemongrass not only has amazing benefits for your skin, but can also be used for other health issues, to ward of pests, and to purify your living space. First, let's go through the health benefits of lemongrass. When used correctly, lemongrass can help treat bladder infections, respiratory infections, digestive issues, torn ligaments, carpal tunnel, cataracts, cholesterol problems, hyperthyroidism, menstrual cramps, headaches, and gout. Other blogs have claimed that it can also remove warts, reduce the effects of shingles, and treat MRSA. Talk about a versatile oil!

In addition to getting rid of your warts, lemongrass oil can also be used to keep mosquitos and other biting insects away. While Citronella has been "chosen" as the catch all for warding of pesky mosquitos, lemongrass is the better choice. Citronella should not be used indoors. Lemongrass can be used wherever. Citronella will upset your dogs (they hate the smell of Citronella). Lemongrass does not seem to bother your canine companions.

Now for the skin benefits. In addition to all of the awesome things listed above, lemongrass can be used to treat bruises and varicose veins. Additionally, it can be used as a stress reliever, muscle relaxer and antioxidant. For skin, it can reduce inflammation, curb hair loss, reduce scalp problems, kill bacteria, detoxify the skin, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles...and bonus, it can boost your sex drive. Use caution when putting this oil on your skin as it can burn if not diluted with a carrier oil.

Finally, if you want a clean, light lemon fragrance in your home or workspace, lemongrass can be used in a diffuser or in a spray to purify the air in your home or office. Careful using it in your office, though. Some people are intolerant to this oil (just like lavender).

Below, I have a great Black Willow Soap product that uses lemongrass essential oil as well as a DIY recipe for lemongrass bath salts (Note: this is a basic bath salt recipe and does not contain any of the natural additives used in Black Willow Soap's bath salts).

Lemongrass Foaming Facial Cleanser Scrub

Lemongrass Bath Salt Recipe
Items Needed:
2 cups of Epsom salt
10 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil
Place Epsom salt in a medium sized bowl (one that you will not be using to prepare food in ever again). Add 10 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil and stir with a wooden spoon (again, one that you will not prepare food with again). Place in an air tight container (like a mason jar) until use, or use right away.
*You can add food coloring or soap colorant to color your bath salts, if you are so inclined.

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