Monday, December 19, 2016

Exciting New Ventures!

Last week my husband decided to take some of my homemade jerky into his shop "for him" to have as a snack. Turns out, his co-workers were hungry as well. End result, a pound of jerky gone in two days. Positive result, one of his co-workers inquired as to whether I sold my jerky anywhere. Ironically, my husband and I were just kicking that same idea around the night before.

So this weekend, I was in a jerky fiery. I made well over 2 lbs of jerky in three different flavors (original, hot & spicy, and garlic & pepper and opened a new shop, Wright Essential Foods on Etsy. For all of you fans of Black Willow Soap's homemade fudge, I  hope to transition it to the new food shop that launched yesterday. Stay tuned for fudge updates, but for now, you can order homemade jerky at

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