Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beating Hurricane Isaac...

Hurricane Isaac is almost upon us here in Southwest Florida. So, I figured that while I am still able to use my internet, I would try and get some work done. All weekend I have been preparing for the storm, but now you have my undivided attention. Well, until my daughter needs more help with her civics lessons =).
In case you missed some of the new and awesome products that are up in the Black Willow Soap Shop, I have decided to string them out on the blog for you! Here we go!
Pumpkin Spice Soy/Parafin Candle in Glass Flower Pot Holder
Spiced Cranberry Pear scented Shea Butter Soap
Wicked Soy/Parafin Candle in Glass Flower Pot Holder
Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood scented Olive Oil Soap

 Stop in and see our newest additions at


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