Saturday, June 30, 2012

I decided that in order to get all of my fall products completed and listed by the end of July, that I would need a schedule. So I set up my Windows Calender and listed tasks for every day. This week started out great and tasks were getting completed and deleted left and right. Thursday, I started getting stuck. I needed a break!

So, instead of making the Werewolf Sugar Scrub like I was supposed to (according to my Windows Calender Task List), I went out with my husband and had a meal at a restaurant (something that we haven't done in a couple of years, at least). I let the hubby pick the restaurant, and despite the fact that he had eaten Mexican food for the past three meals, he chose a quaint little Mexican restaurant in Lehigh Acres called Lozanos.

The only good thing about this restaurant was the projection screen that was playing Toy Story 3. Unfortunately for me, my back was turned from the screen with left me to focus on my very greasy Taco Salad. After the restaurant, we decided to take a trip to the park and walk along the trails to get some exercise. Half way through, the Mexican food caught up with me. We had to high tail it to Walgreens for a decent bathroom, and made it just it time! Now I remember why we don't eat out together!

So yesterday, I got caught up on my tasks and I have some great new products coming soon! Here are some of the late summer additions:

Sea Breeze scented Olive Oil Soap with Poppyseeds

Jamaican Me Crazy scented Shea Butter Soap with Orange Peel

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