Sunday, February 5, 2012

We have jumped into a new arena.....Shadow Boxes! How exciting!

I know that shadow boxes really don't go along with the whole bath product and candle theme, but hey, I had a lot of fun creating this one! I am in love with skeleton keys. I have been ever since I was younger. I grew up in an old farm house that originally was covered in doors that only used skeleton key locks. Unfortunately, some of those doors have been replaced. Fortunately, there are still a few working doors in the home that have skeleton keys. In fact, my father still has the skeleton key that works all the doors. Coolest thing is that my father brought me one of the original six panel doors from the old farmhouse that has a skeleton key lock. I hung it in my master bathroom! Gorgeous! Anywho, because of my fascination for skeleton keys, I thought why not shadow box one! Here is the outcome! Come and check it out at the shop!

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