Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yet to Come!

Still waiting on that Mocha Walnut fragrance oil to start on the new coffee cup candle. Very excited! Hoping that it gets here soon!

New Avocado Cucumber Soap Line coming up! Still dreaming up scents. One will be eucalyptus speariment with mint leaves. Another I am thinking will be Pomegranate with Poppy Seeds. Kicking around the idea of Blueberry with Crushed Sage...not sure how that one will smell. So, one more collaboration should do it. After I figure it all out, I will order the oils. If you have any ideas or have a favorite scent for soap, let me know. I might just pick your favorite!

Still not sold on the idea of international shipping. Might put that on the backburner for a while. I'm not really sure how soap and candles would last that long in a box without being damaged. Although, they did make it to Alaska, so I guess it could be possible. Then there is always customs, which I recall when traveling was a major pain. I'm going to continue to mull it over, I think.

I was recently asked to make a French Vanilla Pear candle. I will be doing this soon. I am in the process of obtaining the oils to complete this project.

Facial masks have been put on hold for a while. I think that I want to get the new soap line established before branching out more. I'll keep you posted on the facial mask development. It might be a little while though. I really need to expandmy candle line.

Kicking around the idea of doing a craft fair. Attended Buckler's Craft Show this weekend at the Lee County Civic Center here in Fort Myers, but wasn't too impressed. We shall see. I will let you all know so that you can come out if you want and hang out at the booth!

I'm very excited to be getting my business cards on Thursday! Very, very excited! Yay!

Raffle is STILL going on. Just need 6 more people to sign up before I can get the winners picked! Tell your friends about the free sample. Everybody loves free stuff, right?

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